Standard Multiple Mechanical Training System

Model: 150-SMMT

Routine and preventative mechanical maintenance is a critical part of ensuring that any industrial facility operates at peak efficiency. Operators and maintenance technicians must possess a broad variety of basic mechanical skills, including the ability to operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair a wide range of equipment, such as pumps, engines, turbines, AC and DC motors, bearings, couplings, and belt and chain drives.

Bayport Technical's Standard Multiple Mechanical Training System (150-SMMT) was designed to provide maintenance and operations personnel with hands-on exposure to a variety of common mechanical situations inherent to industrial processes and allows personnel to progress through the full range of required skills using one comprehensive training unit. This unit can develop skill sets on vertical and various horizontal shaft alignment, gear drives, belt drives, chain drives, pump maintenance, and lock-out/tag-out training.

The Standard Multiple Mechanical Training System provides hands-on experience with a wide variety of industry-standard equipment and components, including: a variable speed DC motor, multiple bearings, a vertical shaft alignment tower, multiple couplings, a centrifugal pump, right angle drives, a belt drive assembly, and a chain drive assembly.

Equipment Specifications:

  • Variable speed 1 hp DC drive motor controlled through a NEMA size 1 starter with control transformer, main breaker, overload heaters, start/stop switches, off/on lights, all mounted in a NEMA 4 enclosure.
  • Vertical shaft alignment tower
  • Centrifugal pump complete with bearings and seals
  • 4 - Pillow Blocks
  • 1 - Flange Bearing
  • 3 - Right Angle Drive
  • 2 - Belt Drive
  • 1 - Gear Reducer
  • 1 - Chain Drive
  • 1 - Chain Coupling
  • 4 - Lovejoy Coupling
  • Rotating device driven by chain assembly
  • Acrylic guards over all exposed moving parts

Contact Bayport for electrical requirements.

Approximate dimensions: 84”L x 34″W x 60”H