We are honored to have this opportunity to tell you about our firm, its people, products and services. From the beginning, each of our employees and agents have had a singular vision. That vision, defined in our mission and goal statements will be the continuing driving force in providing our very best efforts in everything we do.

As we continue to grow existing and new relationships, it is our responsibility to keep our eyes firmly fixed on the future while we never forget the lessons we have learned in our past. In doing this we believe we will, together with you, make our businesses and communities prosperous and better places to live with safer environments in which to work and play for generations to come.

As you read our mission and goals, please recognize that these statements are very easy to say, but require perseverance and constant attention to detail to accomplish. It is our commitment to you that we shall continue in the pursuit of maintaining and exceeding the Mission and Goals of our firm.

And remember, WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU!!


To continuously work to achieve and repeatedly prove Bayport Technical’s focus on existing and new technologies, quality and value in our products and services, through never ending diligence and dedication in providing unique tools, experienced personnel and contribution to our field of endeavor.


To be recognized in the Global marketplace as the highest value partner that a client or association could hope to have. To be THE GEARS OF TECHNOLOGY SERVICING THE WORLD!