Magnetic Flow Meter Cutaway

Model: 128-MFM

Magnetic flow meters (commonly known as electromagnetic flow meters or magmeters) are volumetric flow meters without any moving parts. They use a magnetic field to generate and channel liquid flow through a pipe.

When a conductive liquid flows through the meter’s magnetic field, a voltage signal is created. The faster the flow, the greater the signal. Electrode sensors on the flow tube walls detect the voltage signal and send it to the electronic transmitter, which processes the signal to determine liquid flow.

Magnetic flow meters are popular because they are cost-effective, bi-directional, and highly accurate. They are used for a wide variety of applications across a broad range of industries, including: pulp and paper; metals and mining; water and wastewater; food and beverage; chemical and petrochemical; and oil and gas.

The operating principle underlying magnetic flow meters is known as Faraday’s Law, which holds that the induced voltage is directly proportional to the velocity of the fluid moving through the magnetic field.

Bayport Technical's Magnetic Flow Meter Cutaway (128-MFM) allows individuals to see and identify the internal components of the meter. The meter can be taken apart and reassembled for training purposes. NOTE: Pictures of cutaway models are representative of our products; actual equipment, size, and color scheme may vary with each piece according to availability and customer preference.

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