Lubrication Working Demonstrator - Acrylic

Model: 152-LUBE

Bayport Technical's Lubrication Working Demonstrator - Acrylic (152-LUBE) is an acrylic model showing three of the most common methods of using a static pool (reservoir) to lubricate bearings.

The unit is equipped with a variable speed motor, which allows the shaft to run slowly and at operating speeds. This allows students to observe the lubrication process as well as rotating equipment such as the shaft and coupling.

This centrifugal pump lubrication system enables you to see how the lube system works. The model visibly shows a slinger ring and bushing with a bushing ring picking up oil and applying it to the pump bearing and bushing. Bearing, slinger, shaft, and bushing are all visible to aid in identification and training. This model also visibly shows gear lubrication in an aluminum and clear acrylic housing. The pinion gear, driven by a DC motor, meshes with a bull gear. The pinion gear runs in oil and carries oil to the larger bull gear. All this is visible via a clear acrylic cover.

The drive motor is a 90 VDC permanent magnet direct current motor with a remote mounted rectifier controller. This controller will regulate speed control within 5% of nameplate RPM and provides full-wave rectification. This drive will provide 0.5 HP at 1725 RPM which is the rated nameplate RPM. Reduced HP is provided at less than nameplate RPM. A stop, clockwise or counter-clockwise 3-way toggle switch controls the shaft rotation. Either rotation will demonstrate the lubrication system. After the desired rotation is selected, a 0-100% speed knob is adjusted between 25-50% for normal lubrication demonstration. Full range adjustment can be made without damaging the unit. Both oil reservoirs have vents located at the top of each reservoir. The vents will prevent the reservoirs from being pressurized. In addition, this is the point where oil is added.

Equipment Specifications:

  • 1 - Bearing
  • 1 - Oil Slinger
  • 1 - Oil Ring
  • 2 - Gears
  • The lubrication oil used is S.A.E. 30 weight-grade oil.

Requires 115V/60Hz/1ph electrical.

Unit size is approximately 18”L x 24”W x 18”H