Inverted Bucket Steam Trap Cutaway

Model: 118-IBST

Inverted bucket steam traps are mechanical traps that operate on the difference in density between steam and water. The bucket within the trap is attached to a lever that opens and closes the trap valve in response to the bucket’s motion.

When steam or air flows into the underside of the inverted bucket, the steam causes the bucket to become buoyant and rise. In this position, the bucket will cause the trap valve to close.

A vent hole in the top of the bucket allows a small amount of the vapor to be released into the top of the trap and discharged downstream. As vapor escapes, condensate starts to fill the inside of the bucket, causing it to sink and allowing the lever to open the trap valve and discharge condensate along with the remaining vapor.

Inverted bucket steam traps feature a simple design with only two moving parts: the valve lever assembly and the bucket. This design makes these steam traps durable, resistant to wear, and reliable for heavy use.

Bayport Technical's Inverted Bucket Steam Trap Cutaway (118-IBST) allows individuals to see and identify the internal components of the steam trap. The steam trap can be taken apart and reassembled for training purposes. NOTE: Pictures of cutaway models are representative of our products; actual equipment, size, and color scheme may vary with each piece according to availability and customer preference.

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