In-Line Check Valve Cutaway

Model: 108-ILCV

In-line check valves are simple in both concept and function. They are designed to allow flow of fluid or gas in one direction while blocking flow in the opposite direction.

These valves are common parts of fluid power circuits, which usually require a one-way flow path. Convenient and versatile, in-line check valves are useful in a wide variety of applications.

In-line check valves usually contain a spring mechanism. When the pressure on the upstream side of the valve reaches the pressure needed to overcome the spring tension (known as cracking pressure), the spring will lift to allow flow. When the pressure going through the valve returns below the cracking pressure, the spring will close the valve to prevent back-flow.

Bayport Technical's In-Line Check Valve Cutaway (108-ILCV) allows individuals to see and identify the internal components of the valve. The valve can be taken apart and reassembled for training purposes. NOTE: Pictures of cutaway models are representative of our products; actual equipment, size, and color scheme may vary with each piece according to availability and customer preference.

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