Floating Roof Tank Working Demonstrator

Model: 142-FRT

Bayport Technical’s Floating Roof Tank Working Demonstrator (142-FRT) is a training aid that exhibits a visual understanding for how a floating roof tank works. This demonstrator allows students and trainees to understand the dynamics of a floating roof and what is required to lift the roof. Floating roof tanks are commonly used in today’s refineries and petrochemical plants.

What is a Floating Roof Tank?

Floating roof tanks are used in the oil and gas industry to store large quantities of highly flammable or volatile chemicals like crude oil. They are constructed of a cylindrical steel shell with a matching roof that features a seal along the edge of the roof. The roof floats on top of the stored substance, so it moves up and down as the liquid level in the tank is altered. The purpose of this is to limit the amount of product lost due to vaporization, to prevent the buildup of vapors in the tank that could lead to a fire or explosion, and to limit the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the environment in order to limit air pollution.


  • Reservoir
  • Pump
  • Acrylic Tank
  • Floating Roof
  • Model of Access Ladders

Approximate overall size: 18-in. L x 18-in. W x 30-in. H

Requires: Electrical - 115V/60Hz/1ph