Flash Drum Separator Trainer

Model: 140-FDS

Many industrial processes deal with separation of various gases dissolved in a liquid. Separation and recovery of the components is commonly achieved using a flash drum, which may also be referred to as a vapor-liquid separator, breakpot, knock-out drum, vent scrubber, compressor inlet drum, suction scrubber, or compressor suction drum.

A flash drum can act as a two-phase or three-phase separator, and it can be oriented either horizontally or vertically. The device uses gravity to cause liquid (the denser fluid) to settle to the bottom of the drum for withdrawal, while vapor (the less dense fluid) rises to the top of the drum for withdrawal.

Bayport Technical's Flash Drum Separator Trainer (140-FDS) is designed to allow visual observation and physical control of the flash drum process during the separation of an air and water mixture. The dedicated controls operate flow, pressure, and saturation measurement devices required to achieve the separation process within operating parameters.

The Flash Drum Separator Trainer includes the following industry-standard components: an acrylic flash drum (separator tank), a pre-carbonator, an air compressor for air phase, a pump for water phase, electronic analyzers, flow meters, and pressure controllers.

  • Metal frame on casters
  • Acrylic flash drum
  • Pre-carbonator
  • Air compressor
  • Pump
  • Electronic analyzers
  • Flow meters
  • Pressure controllers
  • Requires 115V/60Hz/1ph electrical.
  • Approximately 24” x 34” x 60”.