Pressure Release Valve Cutaway

Model: 108-PRV

Pressure release valves (also known as pressure relief valves or safety relief valves) are important safety devices intended to protect a pressurized vessel or system during an overpressure event. They are designed to open at a preset pressure and discharge fluid until pressure drops to acceptable levels.

Pressure release valves consist of three primary functional parts: (1) a valve (usually a spring-loaded poppet valve); (2) a sensing element (usually a diaphragm or piston); and (3) a reference force element (usually a spring).

During regular operation, a pressure release valve remains closed until pressure upstream reaches the desired set pressure. The valve will crack open when the set pressure is reached and continue to open further, allowing more flow as overpressure increases. When upstream pressure falls, the valve will close again.

Bayport Technical's Pressure Release Valve Cutaway (108-PRV) allows individuals to see and identify the internal components of the valve. The valve can be taken apart and reassembled for training purposes. NOTE: Pictures of cutaway models are representative of our products; actual equipment, size, and color scheme may vary with each piece according to availability and customer preference.

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