Acrylic Static Models

Operational features of these transparent acrylic training tools allow dismantling in your classroom, showing the participant the component parts, how they are assembled, how they look and gasket positioning. You can then reassemble the Heat Exchanger or allow the participant to complete the task for training purposes.

Distillation Training Trays

Tray 2 Distillation Training Trays

An impressive acrylic static model with examples of bubblecaps, valve and sieve trays.

Transparent Acrylic Heat Exchangers

PRTM Platformer Reactor Training Model

Constructed of clear see-through acrylic and filled with inert ceramic balls of various sizes such as 1″, 3/8″, and 1/2″. The model has it’s own stand and allows the viewer to observe catalyst normally unseen, hidden in the static reactor processes.

Other Static Models

FGT Flange and Gasket Trainer