Split Case Cut-Away

This equipment is either cut-a-way or has a horizontally split case so you can see the internal components. They may be taken apart and reassembled for training purposes. Models shown are representive of typical production items. Actual equipment may vary according to manufacturer and design or customer specifications. Please call for us for any  custom requirements.

Other Split Case Cut-Away Models (not pictured)

9002 Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump

9009 Rotary Vane Blower

9010 Sliding Vane Air Pump

9011 Horizontal Split Case Centrifugal

9012 Two Stage Submersible Pump

9013 Positive Displacement Pump

9016 Magnetic Flow Meter

9020 Foxboro 43 AP Controller

9021 DP Cell Transmitter

9023 Orifice Assembly

9024 Electronic Pressure Transmitter

9202 Reciprocating Compressor

9204 Lubricated Gear Reducer

9302 Three phase Electric Motor

9305 4 Stroke Diesel Engine

9403 Vacuum Ejector

9501 Pneumatic Cage Displacer

9601 Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

9602 Thermostatic Float Steam Trap

9701 Bourdon Tube Gauge

9702 Bellows Gauge

9703 Diaphragm Gauge

9801 Y-type Strainer

9802 Dual Basket Strainer