Process Trainers

These Process Trainers can be customized to any requirements such as process specific equipment needs for training such as designated brands of components, off site supervisory control and newer technologies such as Field Bus capability.


BTTC Process Training Unit



The BTTC Process Trainers are “hands on” training units for process operators and maintenance technicians. The units are built to duplicate “real world” operating equipment and consists of separate functions all integrated into a compact, effective training unit in order to train personnel in the process industry in a safe manner. The units consists of the following component sections:

(A) Pumps – There are two ANSI process pumps mounted in parallel on the trainer.

(B)Tanks & Piping – The trainer is equipped with two tanks and associated interconnecting piping. All tanks and piping are stainless steel to minimize corrosion.

(C) Level Control – The BTTC Process Trainer is equipped with a level control loop, which controls the level in the top receiver.

(D) Pressure Control – The unit is equipped with a pressure control loop.

(E) Flow Control – The trainer has an orifice flow control loop on it. The flow is controlled to the overhead tank.

(F) Temperature Control – A temperature control system/loop is provided with the trainer. The system consists of a side stream, which flows through a fixed wattage heater. For safety reasons, the heating unit is equipped with a high temperature shutdown and an over pressure relief valve.

(G) PLC – The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). It is integrated to all the control loop functions of the trainer. As received, it is programmed to operate the system, as well as provide cascading abilities between various loops. If desired, it can also be equipped and programmed to provide supervisory interlock functions.

The Process Trainers are capable of a minimum of 38 specific training and educational functions with an endless number of potential variables for trouble shooting scenarios on piping, valves, flanges, flow, level, pressure, electrical,instrument, pneumatics, It is endless what can be taught on this all around trainer.

Basic Process Trainers: Total Training Unit

  • CTT – Custom Model
  • ETT – Educational Model
  • CTT-RS – Educational Model W/ Remote Supervision
  • CTT-FB – Educational Model W/ Field Bus

Total Training Unit Add Ons

  • PHT – pH Training Module
  • DIT – De-Ionization Training Module
  • DST – De-Salination