Acrylic Working Demonstrators



CDT Acrylic Centrifuge Demonstration Unit

CDT	Acrylic Centrifuge Demonstration Unit

This acrylic model was designed and manufactured for the purpose of demonstrating separation of liquids from solids by means of centrifugal force. Both the inner and outer ‘tubs’ are see through acrylic and allow full visibility of the process.

CT-2 Acrylic Cooling Tower

CT-2 Acrylic Cooling Tower

Oil Refineries and Petrochemical plants use water to cool down the high temperatures that are generated by the particular process they use. This model is made of acrylic to allow full view of the water flow through the tower. This table top working model has an induction fan, circulation pump and tank.

DTT-5 Acrylic Distillation Tower

DTT-5 Distillation Tower

This working model is an impressive and dynamic educational piece of  equipment!  It dramatically demonstrates the operation of a column using water and air.  The models simulation is designed to show the basic process of distillation. Liquid traveling downward comes in contact with the vapors (gas bubbles) traveling upward, thus allowing the cooler liquid to condense any heavy compounds out of the lighter vapor stream.

 FRT Floating Roof Tank Demonstration Model

FRT Floating Roof Tank

 HECT-2 Acrylic Heat Exchanger Circulation Trainer

HECT-2 U-Tube Circulation Trainer with Backwash
Table top working model has two (2) circulation pumps and two (2) supply tanks for demonstration. Different colored water streams will be circulated through the shell side and through the tube side to simulate the working of a real heat exchanger.

LUBE Lubrication Training Unit

The Lubrication trainer is an acrylic bearing housing showing three of the most common methods of using a static pool (reservoir) to lubricate bearings. The unit is equipped with a variable speed motor, which allows the shaft to run slowly and at operating speeds. This allows the student to  observe the lubrication process as well as rotating equipment such as the shaft and coupling.

PDTM-2 Pump Demonstration Working Model

PDTM-2 Pump Demonstration Training Model

This “see through” training model has many features that can be used to train operators on the mechanical workings of a centrifugal pump. By manipulating the flow with suction and discharge valves and adjusting  RPM’s this model can demonstrate cavitation and other pump and flow phenomena. Our Pump Demonstration Model is a very popular tool for a site and sound concept of these workings, which cannot be experienced in the field or with drawings or computer simulations.

PDTM-2C Custom Dual Pump Demonstration Model

Custom Dual Pump Demonstration Model

3PS Three Phase Separator

3PS Three Phase Separator

BTTC has designed and built the 3PS Three Phase Separator to simulate process specific phenomena associated with the separation of gasses and fluids typically found in a crude oil production stream. This process trainer is a self contained unit which continuously mixes air, water, and a hydrocarbon based fluid which then flows into a series of ‘see through’ vessels where gravity separation takes place. The liquid components are returned to individual storage tanks prior to reblending, and the air is discharged to atmosphere. The trainer is equipped with process measurement devices and is operated from an integral control panel.

VT Acrylic Vacuum Trainer

VT Acrylic Vacuum Trainer

This acrylic model vividly demonstrates the effect of atmospheric pressure variations on fluids and gasses.  A good example is the boiling temperature of water.

 Waste Water Treatment Model

WWT Waste Water Training Unit

This unit is designed to provide maintenance and operations personnel associated with Waste Water Treatment Facilities a first hand look at the workings of and the various methods of modern waste water treatment.

Other Acrylic Working Demonstrators:

GLPT: Gas Lift Process Trainer

LMT: Lube Mist Trainer

CFT: Charcoal Filter Trainer